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Vegetarian Roast recipe
Vegetarian Roast
Brown rice is the base of this tasty picnic idea. Onion and garlic add interest to the well-seasoned mixture.

This recipe makes a 'loaf' which slices well and can be served hot or cold. Any type of chopped nuts can be used for this dish, such as almonds, brazils or unsaltedpeanuts, but it's worth buying mature Cheddar specialty, as it adds a mouthwatering depth of flavour.

Serves 4 - 6

175 g (6 oz) long-grain brown rice
15 g (1/2 oz) butter
1 medium onion, skinned and chopped
1 garlic clove, skinned and crushed
2 carrots, grated
100 g (4 oz) button mushrooms, finely chopped
100 g (4 oz) fresh wholemeal breadcrumbs
100 g (4 oz) nuts, finely chopped
100 g (4 oz) mature Cheddar cheese, grated
2 eggs
salt and pepper

1. Cook the rice in boiling salted water for 30-35 minutes or until tender. Drain well.

2. Meanwhile, heat the butter in a medium frying pan and fry the onion, garlic, carrots and mushrooms, stirring frequently, until softened. Stir in the breadcrumbs, nuts, cooked rice, cheese and the eggs. Season to taste with salt and pepper and mix thoroughly together.

3. Pack the mixture into a greased 1.7 litre (3 pint) loaf tin and bake at 180C (350F) mark 4 for 1 - 1 1/4 hours or until firm to the touch and brown on top.

Serve the Vegetarian Roast sliced, hot or cold, with tomato sauce or chutney.