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British Fish and Seafood Recipes
British Fish and Seafood Recipes
Baked Trout With Cucumber Sauce  -  A cold dish that would be ideal for a summer gathering.

Cod In A Spicy Yogurt Crust  -  Everyday cod takes on a touch of the Middle East in this recipe.

Cod's Roe Ramekins  -  Smoked cod's roe has a delicious flavour and a little of it goes a long way.

Creamed Fish Pie  -  Firm, juicy cod is used for the filling of this warming pie.

Fish Cakes With Herbs  -  Fish cakes are an economical way of making fish go further.

Haddock In Butter Sauce

Kedgeree  -  For a truly indulgent, old-fashioned British breakfast, you can't beat a dish of savoury kedgeree.

Monkfish And Mussel Skewers  -  Bacon goes surprisingly well with the lovely fishy flavours of these tasty kebabs.

Prawn And Cucumber Salad  -  A light and attractive starter for a summer dinner party.

Salmon With Fennel Sauce  -  The unmistakable flavours of the two main ingredients make a perfect marriage in this appetising dish.

Skate With Capers  -  This buttery, pleasantly acidic sauce is an ideal complement to the flavour of skate.

Smoked Haddock  -  An excellent variation on Italian lasagne, now an accepted part of British cooking.

Stuffed Trout In A Wine Sauce  -  An old recipe which originally called for 'savoury herbs' in the stuffing